Silsden Local History Group

A look into times past in Cobbydale


The following​ profiles are of people connected to Silsden. They contain details taken from census records; birth, marriage & death records; electoral registers; tithe records, probate records; monumental grave inscriptions, etc. They may contain errors on close inspection and if you find any please report. The profiles are below in alphabetical order. If you wish a copy of one or more profile please order via the website by quoting the name and dates of the person required.

This index is in the process of being compiled alphabetically. Watch this space!

AMBLER, George (1817-1891)                   Canal Works manufacturer (light engineering)

AMBLER, George (1845-1923)                   Ironmonger; Kirkgate

AMBLER, James (1838-1907)                      Mechanic & foreman in family business (Canal Works)

AMBLER, John Robertshaw (1843-1898)   Mechanic in Keighley

AMBLER, Richard Robertshaw (1865- ?)   Bankrupted at Canal Works; emigrated to Canada 1905

ASQUITH, Anthony (c.1798-1879)              Holden Gate farmer

BERRY, Jane (1825-1852)                                 School mistress 

BERRY, John (1790-1864)                                 Grocer, farmer, postmaster

BALDWIN, John (1848-1874)                         Woollen manufacturer; Kirkgate

BALDWIN, Peter (1820-1864)                        Handlooming weaving agent; grocer; Kirkgate

BALDWIN, William (c.1790-1867)                 Woolcomber; Kirgate

BLAND, John (1788-1853)                                 Calico manufacturer (of Silsden)

BLAND, John (1821-1914)                                 Nail maker

COWLING, Percy (1883- ?)                              Bank clerk; amateur photographer

ELLISON, Jacob Bailey (c.1850-1924)            Worsted spinner; manufacturer

GREEN, Matthew (c.1826-1858)                      Farmer; Brunthwaite

LAMBERT, William Henry (1861-1943)          Book keeper & cashier; amateur artist & photographer

SMITH, John William (1890-1933)                  Professional photographer: Oak View